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Created by Sehee JO.

I'm a Product Manager in Las Vegas, NV. I'm currently freelancing. I earned a B.A. from Jeonbuk University.

Project Description

I am trying to create a repository of articles that captures interesting general societal trends in America. For this project, I have downloaded General Society Survey (GSS)
data from 1972 to 2017, performed data analyses, and created data visualizations. I would like to find someone who can write up about these findings so I can publish them as articles.

I took on this project because I think it would provide valuable insights to those who care about societal changes in this country.

- What percentage of Americans approves marijuana legalization?
- What percentage of Americans owns guns?
- What percentage of Americans have extra-marital affairs?
- What percentage of Americans believe in God and how is that trend changing?
- What percentage of Americans supports space exploration?
- How does marriage status related to happiness?
- How does religiosity related to education received?

These are all interesting questions and I believe all the answers can be found in the data.

I am looking for data journalists who are interested in bringing stories out of data.

Project Goals

  • Complete a write-up of analyses

  • Publish these articles on a website

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Rahul Saxena

Hi Sehee,

I am Data guy. Interested to know a bit more about your project. You can check my profile by going through this link-
We can get in touch and discuss about your work. I would like to collaborate in your work. :-)

Rahul Saxena


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