User Friendly Warehouse Management Website

Created by Carlos Arias.

I'm a Designer in Union City, NJ. I work at Express Transport by Air. I'm in school at Thomas Edison State Collage

Project Description

I am developing a user-friendly warehouse management system that can be accessed on any device connected to the internet with the ability to manage inventory, produce orders, receipts, invoices, etc. and that will allow for an easier client-warehouse communication. In the future, I am also looking to build an app that will get rid of the need to use expensive RF scanners by using the phone's camera to scan barcodes.

I would like to make this online WMS because as a warehouse supervisor I belive a better the WMS that already exist are too complicated to use and require for hours of training which cost the company a lot of money just in training. With this website that cost can be reduced as well with the cost of scanners needed in the warehouse.

I need help developing this website along with the mobile app. I have no problem with the front-end design, but the back-end development is where I need the most help. I would also like to get some help designing because two heads think better than one.

Project Goals

  • Front-end Design

  • Back-end Development

  • Mobile App Development

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Ashley Hannes

Hello Carlos,

I am Ashley Hannes, from Red Apple Technologies. Basically, We are a mobile apps and game development company in USA, Sweden & India. Check our website: So, I think, this is the right time to developed your mobile app. So, if you interested then you can contact with me. Can you please share your skype id with me? Because If you share then we will discuss with you or you can directly e-mail me. My e-mail id is:

Best Regards,


Megha Krishnamurthy

I am interested in back-end development.



Hi Megha! That is good to hear! We welcome anyone who would like to help us achieve this goal. Please feel free to message me or request add to our list of contributors.


Usefor Apps

why code do you need it written in?



It does not matter the code it's written in I believe. Right now I am using HTML and CSS to design it, but the back end development will have to be decided upon development phase.


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