Change the way the world thinks about and looks at the insurance industry. Multiple step plan utilizing distributed ledgers, database visualization, analytics, search algorithms, IoT, Drones, and more.

Created by Ashish Vaja.

I'm a Designer in Indianapolis, IN. I work at Mayflower.Insurance. Previously, I've worked at Geekster IT, Mayflower Insurance.

Project Description

Our main goal is to create a platform which brings the insurance companies, program administrators, managing general agents, and customers together. Just like many other insuretech startups we are seeking to disrupt the market, but with a completely different vision. They key here is that we are planning on doing many different things not just simply what is below. We do not believe that agents will be removed from the picture in the near future and the only thing that will change is the means of communicating with them, the level of automation, and the efficiency. My vision is not to draw the ire of a whole industry and make it afraid of what is to come, but to enable them to embrace it and enable them to move forward with technology. We want to be the place everyone comes to for information about insurance, below is one of the first stages in our plan.

Imagine if there was no FAA, and nothing to oversee safety of planes in this country. Now when you bought a ticket you would want to look up a company's hiring practices, crash history, maintenance procedures and many other things. Likely there would be websites to help you figure this all out. The point is that if this is how it worked Orbitz or CheapTickets would not work as there is more to look at than just the price for getting to A and B.

This what is occurring in the Insure Tech gold rush. Silicon valley doesn't understand the industry and they often partner with people who don't bring a vision and basically polish an old idea calling it disruptive.

Most insuretech companies right now have 1 or 2 little things which they think by themselves will change the industry and I disagree. Why do people like Mark Cuban give them money and other big VC’s? Investors invest in things which they do not know about, they cannot tell if you are doing what is already being done, but slightly different with a more fancy looking. The insurance industry "experts" are pushing the same old way of doing things, and if they do have any hint of innovation it gets poisoned by the funding they obtain trying to bring in specialists from outside of the industry who know nothing about it.

This industry is ripe for disruption, but I do not believe that startups like Zebra and Lemonade in their current form are anything new or even anything that will work. I have a vision from both worlds that can bring it together.

Currently I need help with Design, Development, and Database work. The design help may require two types of designers one that can handle the web design side of it like wireframing, UI/UX, etc, but also one that can create videos and animations.

My vision requires an unparalleled level of clarity and unbiased information for the end user which will range from the consumer, to the insurance companies, to MGA/MGU/Brokers.

Project Goals

  • Wireframe and design website.

  • Develop and set up back end databases

  • Test and Adapt/Iterate/Whatever you want to call it. Always iterate, nothing will be perfect, it will always change.

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