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Created by Connor Benedict.

I'm a Product Manager in Aarhus, Denmark. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Freelance Project Leader, Innovator Japan. I earned a B.A. from Kaospilots.

Project Description

I have an idea for a news app where groups of people can co-create stories and collaborate in the narrative. The goal is to bypass the media mechanisms that take away different perspectives and bring people together around events and things that happen in their community. It works like a free google doc on the backend, but presents stories from around the world in a fair and interesting way.

I believe that all the technology already exists to change the way stories get told around the world and what we can learn. I believe that there is more going on than what facebook algorithms and news editors want to show and can make money off of. I believe there is already enough proof that given the opportunity people will produce all kinds of interesting content that can be put together to tell the whole story everywhere (think snapchat and twitter and wikipedia)

I have already tested the idea of co-created stories in a variety of ways, in Denmark, the UK and South Africa so I know that it can work to give people the right tools. Now I need help building a more stable platform thats easier for lots of people to use so that it can gain users and traction around the world.

Project Goals

  • find a developer co-founder who is interested in media and app design

  • build an mvp

  • test mvp in the field by prototyping implementations plans

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Shavkat Aynurin

Hi Connor. I agree with the overall idea. Could you elaborate your thoughts in the following:
1. Co-creation, in your mind, is this a core feature or an option? Why?
2. Why mobile app and not a website as a first step?
3. People will produce a hugely huge amount of trash in addition to interesting content. How do you think you can avoid showing trash and rank interesting content to the top? Reddit way?


Connor Benedict  PROJECT CREATOR

Hi Shavkat, thank you (!) so much for your questions!

1) Co-creation is definitely essential to the application, and not optional. I think for the first its because all other news and media platforms don't operate or function as collaborative platforms. Everyone has a decided and rigid role. Journalists and reports, subjects, community members etc. can all only participate in one way. And I say why not let eveyone participate on equal terms, as humans in the world? Writing, editing, contributing, etc. everyone can and should be allowed to do. Some people will, because of their own skills and knowledge, be inclined to do certain things though (like edit, find stories, etc.). And I think that any argument against this way of creating content comes from a fear, like your third point, that "people will produce trash". I say, thats your opinion. And my argument against that is wikipedia or the reddit experiment called canvas or every project done by teams using google docs. If you give people the tools to co-create something of value, and let everyone work as equals, they will usually not create trash. Some individuals may be inclined to vandalise or ruin other peoples work, but if everyone has equal mandate then everyone can undo the harm done.
2) A website would work as well but in my experience this year trying to do a website first, people are less inclined to go in and add content after something has happened when you just have a website.. I think a mobile app will allow people to produce and co-create while things unfold around them. Mobile apps in my experience can have more functionality than mobile websites can. I would love to have a website for this though, as well...

THnak YOU :)


Allison Smith

Are you thinking of this more as a tool for journalism-based collaboration-focued open source content generation, kind of like a collaboration-foced app like Medium or like Stellar, or more as an online/mobile magazine like ?


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