Alternate Indie Film Distribution Network

Created by Kunal Jhaveri.

I'm a Filmmaker in Mumbai, India. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Times Group. I earned a degree from Vancouver Film School

Project Description

I'm trying to create an alternative film distribution network for independent films. Since indie films don't work well in a theatre, I'm looking to create a network of non-theatrical spaces and establish a community in each city to facilitate a revenue stream for filmmakers and also create a community for them in different cities that can create a buzz for them in other revenue areas.

Not all Indie Filmmakers get releases in theatre, I'm looking to tap films which do not find releases or have very poor releases in theatres. As I mentioned above, I would like to facilitate a revenue stream for filmmakers and also create a community for them in different cities that can create a buzz for them in other revenue areas.

I'm looking to connect with a co-founder that can help me develop the product, market it and help me create a revenue models with it.

Project Goals

  • Create a alternate independent distribution that is big enough for Indie Filmmakers

  • Create a community of indie film lovers and therefore a sustainable eco-system for Independent Film in India

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Simone Simmons


I absolutely love this idea. As a person with experience in startups and a passion for filmmaking, I would love to help bring this to life!

Here is my design portfolio:

My email:


Allison Smith

Love this idea - I'm very driven and passionate about any tools which boost the visibility and access to diverse content, which I think is a huge resource that is mostly neglected and invisible to the majority of people who only have access to mass-produced creative and intellectual media. The problem with which is the inherent flaws in content designed to appeal to the broadest audience and therefore mostly lacks diversity in terms of representation of minority and oppressed stories and perspectives. And I think the homogenization of mass media (as well as the restrictions inherent in its profit-driven motivation to dilute its content to fill seats instead of imaginations or brains), leads to a point of view which is less capable of empathy and tolerance to anything that challenges or diverges from that point of view and personal experience. Basically, I think your project helps promote tolerance and open-mindedness. And every single effort towards that goal is worth spending time on. So if you need any help with branding and visual identity, brand strategy and messaging and marketing tips, or interactive ui/ux design, I'd like to help in any way I can.

I have a decade of agency experience, and have worked as senior art director and interactive designer at many of Boston's top award-winning agencies, as well as a few smaller, growing agencies in Boston which are creating innovative content and I've concepted and executed successful campaigns for clients such as Google, Timberland, Dodge Ram, Sunglasses Hut, Bose, Subway, and Puma.

Here's a link to my portfolio: (I'm just at the point where I have a ton of current web and mobile design which I'm not yet allowed by contract to show on my portfolio, but can send via email if interested. You can reach me at



Get in touch if you think my profile is of interest to you.

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