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Created by Vincent Blay.

I'm a Scientist in Valencia, Spain. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at University of Valencia, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Superior Spanish Research Council.

Project Description

News Easy will be a blog where invited experts will provide high-level easy-to-understand overviews on selected topics that are recurrent in the news. Complex topics, such as migrations, wars or economic trends are often misunderstood by most people. For them, in News Easy, experts will describe these objectively, very easily and in accessible language. This will allow people to grap the basics of a topic and then be able to better understand the short, specific news that we are presented every day in the media.

Every day we are presented with breaking news that update us on an ongoing larger conflict, program, negotiation, etc. However, these news do not provide the high level overview pre-required for many people to understand or appreciate them rightly. In fact, while we are taught at secondary school about events such as the Crusades of the Byzantine Empire, we are not taught about candent problems of the present society that are of great importance, such as the situation of North Korea or Venezuela. Many people devote hours listening to the news every week, such as when driving to work or having dinner, yet they do barely understand them enough to interiorize the information and develop a really informed position. In my view, understanding these problems is even more important for one reason: it is when people understand what is really happening in the world around them when they can start to effect a positive change.

*I am looking for partners willing to create and design the blog.

*I am looking for partners willing to look for and establish correspondence with experts on the different topics.

*I am looking for artists wanting to showcase their ability by preparing creative illustrations inspired by the different easy reviews.

*I am looking for community managers that can make the platform visible.

Project Goals

  • Set up an eye-catching blog for the platform

  • Get 5 contributions by experts on different hot topics

  • Diffuse the platform among the social networks

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Thank you for your work on the blog! You're doing a good job!
I would like to read about it anymore. Prompt, what literature to study?

2 days ago

Monica Anderson

Well if you're in need of resources that to in affordable rates you can simply contact as they can provide best resources and information, they can even search for best candidate for you.



Great post! I appreciate you for the effort you take to share your knowledge with people. I can find many things that are still unaware. Thanks for you time and knowledge. Great!!!


Janaki Suzane

I loved your post.Thank you for sharing it.Keep uploading this kind of informations.Its a very intresting informations.



Good news..I like the way you present this particular topic. Keep sharing these kind of interesting posts.



Amazing News I might need to thank you for the attempts you have made in creating this interesting and taught Easy News.

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