Voteholder, the world's first and only Blockchain Democracy

Created by Michael Kwaaitaal.

I'm a Designer in Noosa, Australia. I work at voteholder.

Project Description

Voteholder's goal is to reinvent the world and make it better for our children.

Voteholder is developing a digital direct democracy globally, based on a software platform built with secure blockchain technology. We are aiming to take the middlemen out of government by allowing global constituents to vote on issues and solutions 24/7/365, locally, nationally and globally.

A global digital direct democracy removes the need for dysfunctional politicians and parties and replaces these broken institutions with a secure platform giving the world back to its people.

Today, governments all over the world are in grappling with deep rooted social, economic issues that take longer than any election cycle to fix.

There is no global leader anywhere in government, in business or otherwise who is clearly communicating a credible path towards sustainable prosperity and safety for the planet.

Yet if we THINK BIG enough, there are clear and simple solutions to all the challenges we face and this is overwhelmingly what ordinary people are crying out for!

Voteholder needs help from a small team of smart people to develop this ambitious project and take it to the next level, and then the next one, etc. This project pursues transformational global change on many levels and targets to make a positive impact on the everyday lives of 7.4 Billion people...

It's big, it's serious, it's important!

We need your help and we can't wait to meet you...

Project Goals

  • Develop a plan to build the software platform in Ethereum.

  • Develop a social media marketing campaign, collateral, copy, video.

  • Work on a fundraising strategy.

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Jaeson Booker

Hello, I'm a software developer and have a BA in Political Science. I have had an interest in direct democracy for some time, and an even greater interest in how to transfer voting to the cyber world. I think using blockchains has potential for being a credible, decentralized system people can trust. I am interested in learning more about how I can be involved.


Stephanie Piddock

Do you know about The Flux Party in Australia? They use a blockchain app also. They also just started a party in the US. I invite you to join my organization, The International Direct Democracy Union. We are parties from 12 countries that promote direct democracy. We are brand new and still developing the website. We have a podcast that I think you will enjoy, Would love to have you on.


Chris Dawson

Hi Michael
I think you're fundamentally right and on to something important, and I think Ethereum is likely the right platform for this. Your founding document contains much that is important, and you're definitely right that it needs to be rewritten on the basis of an ongoing converstion.
I'm a philosophy and English language teacher in Switzerland. I've been working (rather vaguely, without devoting much time to it) on the possibility of a global constitution for years. Without one, we're heading fast towards a global war and/or economic collapse that can only end in global dictatorship.
English is a poor choice of language for this - far too political. Many, many people around the world rightly perceive its dominance as the legacy of imperialism. People also resent being forced to learn it because it's very difficult to learn to a high enough level to be able to interact on the same level as native speakers. The founding document for this project must be written in Esperanto in the first instance, and then translated into all other languages: otherwise it will lose the global credibility it needs.
There are other such projects about. They need to be found, and, as far as possible, included and contributed to, built up together.
Successful constitutions keep individuals' ambitions and politics in check. We'll see how far that statement is true in the immediate future by how well the US constitution deals with Trump. Generally, the best consitutions for large populations involve two levels, one more democratic than the other. The existing global institutions are barely democratic, and may evolve into a kind of upper house. Initiatives such as this one and popular internet activism through things like Avaaz can evolve into the equivalent of a lower house. A minimal codification for that can be achieved through discussion in this kind of forum.
I don't generally have much time, but I'm happy to be a part of the conversation. I can also help with Esperanto if need be.


Mick C McWilliams

I've long wondered how we could remove career politicians from the function of serving the people. This sounds like a great project!

In fact I've considered running as a local member on the Sunshine Coast on a platform of constituent inclusive through technology.

Not sure how I could help, but happy to brain storm.


Michael Kwaaitaal  PROJECT CREATOR

Hi Mick, That's exactly where I'm at with it... need to collaborate to brainstorm and get it up as a joint project and get the right, motivated people on board.

The original idea formed in 2013, yet today's blockchain technology is making this a viable alternative to representative governments.

Thanks for connecting and perhaps we can meet on the coast one of these days to explore things further. Regards, Michael

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