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Created by Aimée Rondeau.

I'm a Product Manager in College Place, WA. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Tri-City Americans, Jewish Family & Children Service of Pittsburgh. I earned a M.S. from Capella University.

Project Description

I have had this idea for quite awhile now about making a web series with also possibly a corresponding podcast.

The series idea I've had involves following a couple friends, or group friends, in their 20s while they hang out, travel, and talk about things from their days and shows they watch to more serious topics and experiencing their experiences with them. Guess you can think of it as Friends or How I Met Your Mother meets Real Housewives. However, instead of following wealthy women going on luxury trips and all their drama, it would be following twenty-somethings who are trying to figure out their lives - more relatable to most people.

As stated this is a reality series, therefore not scripted, however, I also thought it could be fun to have some scripted moments/scenes that could be re-enactments or what someone imagined how a situation or scenario would go compared to the reality.

There can also be times where individuals can talk one-on-one with the camera, like a sort of video diary, if they wish to share or vent any feelings from the day or certain situation. There can also be more "traditional" YouTube videos for when things are slow or to get to know the cast better that include answering questions about themselves through games like "this or that", from a personality or "get to know me" questionnaire, or from comments from viewers. The cast can also ask each other questions and answer the questions for their cast mates, such as guessing or answering which Hogwarts House others would be, to help them get to know each other better or get closer as well.

If a corresponding podcast accompanies the webseries it can have a couple, or possibly three, individuals have their own segments on a rotation where they discuss common interests and themes. (I apologize if I am not explaining this well).

Besides believing this would be a fun project to do, and yes in all transparency to meet others and hopefully create meaningful connections and even friendships, I also want to make something for my generation that we can relate to. There are many scripted shows we can use to escape and many reality shows that revolve around wealthier people which can be fun for some to watch but again, hard for most of us to relate to.

A show that revolves around struggling individuals who are trying to figure out their lives, struggling to make enough money to pay rent but also have some left over for fun, dealing with student loans, family issues, etc. and coping with mental illness and other stress is something relatable that I believe many of us need so we can see that we are not alone in our feelings and situations.

I admit that sounds a bit depressing, but through all that we are resilient and figure out how to have affordable fun and relaxation, find effective ways to cope, hopefully find others who understand and provide support, and also provide insight and awareness to the struggles many endure and, again, relatable content so others do not feel as if they are alone in their struggles. (This can also help some if they want to market their own things such as a blog or own youtube channel).

I need help first and foremost with video recording and editing. Although some personal video can be captured by cast members and even other forms, such as snapchat pictures, can be included, I believe it would be easier to have at least two filming moments and interactions and someone who can edit the videos. (Those who film and edit can also choose to be cast members as well.)

Possible graphics and music may also be required for videos and a possible podcast.

And most importantly a cast. Here's where things get a little tricky.

First, I would like a diverse cast - that is the easy requirement.
Secondly, clearly people need to be in the same place to interact with one another. Although I am not opposed to having various groups in different locations and different stories occurring at the same time, that would be something to develop later when things are more established. To begin with it would be easier and better to start in one location with one group or pair.

I myself am in the process of figuring out where to move to continue my certification/licensing after finishing my degree. My choices as of now are Bellingham, WA, New Orleans, or Raleigh, NC. Other places can be considered, although it does depend on some factors. However I am preparing to move and start my next chapter and strongly feel that this series should be a part of it. Understandably, location is the most difficult and stressful part of this project; however, this idea has been floating around in my mind for a long time and has recently been growing and becoming more persistent and is quickly becoming something I really want to do. I am of course open to discussing ideas and taking on a partner or being part of a team to work together to make this happen.

Project Goals

  • Create an entertaining, realistic, and relatable web series for young adults

  • Bring awareness to common struggles and show others they are not alone

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C&D Network (Youtube)

I would love to do this and talk about my life


IamtheJiminator Entertainer

Would we have to be in person to make this collaboration?



Those being filmed and doing the filming would have to be together, however, sending the video to someone else to be edited I believe can be done without them being in person.

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