HELP BUILD, the junk and unwanted item sharing site.

Created by Walter Goedecke.

I'm a Engineer in Boulder, CO. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at China Lake Naval Base, Metropolitan State College.

Project Description

The website,, allows users to geographically list unwanted items put out on the curb for neighbors and others to select. Neighborhood scroungers who would walk by can then see the items online. Helps recycle unwanted items and avoid sending them to the landfill.

The site also allows users to list garage sales, and can allow additional features, such as listing missing pets.

I created this website from an idea I had while offering unwanted items to neighbors. I have frequently put boxes of unwanted items by the sidewalk to allow others passing by to choose and pick from my discards, rather than provide more trash for the landfill, should the items have any use whatsoever. This site also helps share items such as toys and clothes that are outgrown but nevertheless are useful to other families.

I've cleared out personal space by recycling unwanted items as often as needed, while not wanting to hold a garage sale, nor take the items to a recycle center. I have likewise reciprocated by selecting items from free boxes put out by others in the neighborhood, some of whom have imitated my procedures.

I thought that if such items and free boxes that residents put out on the curb were mapped on a GIS website, more people could find particular items they may want. Using Google databases combined with a powerful web framework tool based on python, Django, I created the website.

Users who register and login can then create and edit waypoints to list unwanted items they put outside, with the option of adding pictures. These waypoints will then appear on the GIS map for others to see.

An option allows users to list their site as a garage sale. In the past I have marked up maps to show garage sales when I went out during the weekend to find items I wanted. This application now allows a person the means to easily map out garage sales and seek particular items.

I've also added locations of “Little Free Library” sites (c.f., in my neighborhood for others to see the contents, and also allow those with accounts to add new library locations for others to see.

I would initially want at least another Django developer to help me with the technical details of the website, add more features to it, and make it more user friendly. I would also desire a promoter and business person to help manage the business aspects of the site and think of ways to make it pay for itself. Finally, I would like a fundraiser to seek out initial funding to accelerate the growth of the project.

Project Goals

  • Find another co-developer to help add features to the website and make it more user friendly.

  • Raise funding to add more team members such as those with business acumen to accelerate the growth of the project.

  • Add more features to the site, such as allow users to list missing pets, special garage sales, etc.

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