PawPal, Dog Walkers on Demand App

Created by Gianlu Cecchi.

I'm a Product Manager in Ancona, Italy. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Danaher, Italy Bureau Alliance.

Project Description

Hi there, I'm making my dream here, I want to launch an app that let people to get their dog walked outside while they are at work or they can't do it.

The app will select and propose to the users the nearest certified dog walkers, provide real time feedback, insurances and guarantee a great time for the dog with no stress for the owners.

I'm currently identified the characteristic for an MVP and to develop a prototype. Also the business plan structure is ready.

The broader idea include a wearable device to track the dog and to create a community with real time research of dogs for breed and friendship.

I do this to help many people with their beloved dog, struggling to let them run outside, to have a good walk, stressing and rushing every day to come back home from work for them. I do this to solve a problem I had, to facilitate lifes and provide safety that the dog will be walked from trusted people, the house will be insured as well as the dog.

I need support from technical point of view, since I am going to have a prototype I need as well designers. I need people that want to join this idea, make it great, better, dream about it. I want people to win this challenge.

Project Goals

  • Release a prototype of the app and fund the company

  • Release a beta of the app

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Sudeep Singh

Dear Gianlu, thanks for responding and yes I've set reminder for 15th may, let's speak then.

18 days ago


How is this different from Wag?

23 days ago

Sudeep Singh

I can assist you with both prototype and development, have you created any document project details so far, list of features kind of depicting the flow of the app?



Hello Sudeep, sorry for my late reply. I'm working with a team to review our prototype and app flow, I can share with you some information by the half of may, will get in touch, thanks!

3 weeks ago
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