Flow - A personal data dashboard to focus on what matters

Created by Jeremy Gordon.

I'm a Developer in Nairobi, Kenya. I work at Echo Mobile. I earned a B.S. from Stanford University.

Project Description

Flow is a personal dashboard that allows users to keep focus on what matters: medium and long-term goals, ongoing projects, the top tasks for the day, and habits to build. It also includes an option for a daily journal to track (fully customizable) daily metrics like stress and productivity.

Flow is an open-source webapp that runs on ReactJS and Google Cloud Platform.

As an entrepreneur it's especially easy to lose site of the big picture (whether personal or professional), for days or weeks at a time. In the world of social media and the public-facing internet, we have notifications and dashboards to encourage certain behaviors and track our progress.

But tools to help us organize and focus our non-public lives (our personal goals, habits, and general self-improvement) are disjointed and less developed.

For a few years I've been using a handful of tools to organize and track these things:
- A Google spreadsheet to identify yearly and monthly goals (4-5 bullets, and an assessment of previous month's performance)
- Each evening, Google Keep or Inbox to identify the top 3-4 tasks for the following day
- Played with a few different habit trackers like and Loop for Android

Flow is a way to combine all these features into one sleek webapp, simple enough to use daily. I've also added daily journals, which I use to input data like self-reported productivity, stress, etc each day, and build associations with activities.

I've built a basic prototype of the app, and have been using it for a few weeks. It's open source, and I'd welcome anyone interested in the tool to get involved and help build it out.

Some of the big things still missing:
- Desktop notifications
- Project completion view
- Better analytics
- Regression or ML analysis for prediction and recommendations

And any other ideas are welcome.

Project Goals

  • Smooth out new instance spin-up instructions and process

  • Add desktop notifications

  • Add regression / ML analysis for prediction

Github page

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Mike Wheaton

Are you still looking for designers and developers?



Hi Mike -- Yes, the project has gotten off to a great start, and would love more collaborators. If you're a dev or designer, pull requests are welcome on the repo -


Nicholas Proctor

Hi Jeremy, This sounds real interesting!

How far are you with this project?

I'm a designer...maybe I can help? I predominantly work with branding and marketing companies but also work with designing web/app user interfaces and User experiences.

My portfolio with a few projects thought just represents a small collection of projects I've worked on.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




Hi Nick, I like your work. Would be happy to have you as a collaborator on the project -- we could use some more structured thinking on the dashboard and analytics UIs.

The project is live at, you can sign up for an account to have a look around. I'm still working on some usability and a few key functionalities (e.g. snapshots, and analysis of snapshot data). Any feedback and contribution is welcome!


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