Outdoor activity tracker

Created by Shameer Shah.

I'm a Product Manager in London, United Kingdom. I work at Nature Kicks. Previously, I've worked at Business Banter, EyeWitness. I earned a M.A. from University of the Creative Arts.

Project Description

I'm making it really easy for people to find and explore their perfect outdoor activity within seconds. The user will be able to sign up, engage and plan their perfect getaway based around the type of activity they enjoy participating in. The platform will also be available to them on mobile devices for further planning and geolocating. The basis of the startup is data driven.

I believe, it is an untapped market and has appeal and great potential to scale. I'd like to bridge the gap between these outdoor activities and the people who regularly seek out new opportunities to better spend their time in nature. I regularly get asked about how I manage to find, plan and play in the most amazing places and thus, I want to make it very easy for others to do the same.

I'm looking for a Co-founder who has technical skills in the mobile app development and engineering department based in the UK. Preferably London.

Project Goals

  • Website and design UI for the mobile prototype is underway.

  • Complete all markers for the website and mobile app development (complete or lean).

  • Launch & PR.

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