Right Mate

Created by Thomas Gentle.

I'm a Product Manager in Atlanta, GA. I work at InvestED. Previously, I've worked at AT&T, Cbeyond. I'm in school at Georgia Tech

Project Description

a mobile dating app that sets itself apart by remaining exclusive to a particular political party affiliation. Allows users to more easily filter through potential matches knowing that the people on the other end of the app share ideals and morals that more perfectly align with the user's

there has never been a better time to capitalize on the political division between consumers in a way that connects them to like minded individuals. Current dating apps are over saturated with potential mates with whom we share no discernible relations. I can ensure over 1,000 users within the first week of launch. Easily.

A Developer with basic knowledge of mobile development (IOS or Android). The majority of the code necessary is readily available in open source locations like github. This should be a simply project for a capable mobile developer. I can perform the marketing and revenue scope of the application with ease.

Project Goals

  • Discuss application features and develop clickable wireframe/protoype

  • Finish development of app and release it to mobile application store

  • Gain 1,000 users within the first week

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Sudeep Singh

Hello, Have you created the prototypes, wireframes yet?


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