Create Infinite Stories

Created by Angela Minardi.

I'm a Developer in Olney, MD. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

A game/mobile app in which one can utilize virtual reality technology to create or "write" stories that they can immerse themselves in. Scripting should be intuitive and easy for the author of each story and there should be an avenue for sharing their creations. I would like to focus on a young adult through adult audience although I recognize that there is likely to be a mix of demographics. This game should be able to operate similarly to fanfiction although combined with video games and visual storytelling. Rather than aiming for a probably unattainable realistic design, I believe that a more stylized although still aesthetically pleasing avenue would be good. If you have questions about what the game/app is meant to be or how it will operate, please contact me and I will be happy to provide more details.

I have, after extensive research, found that there are no games of good quality that allow you to create your own story. "Episode Interactive" has come the closest to my idea although it is honestly somewhat disturbing how low quality the stories are. is another inspiration, as my main focus is to enable the user to immerse themselves in a story of their choosing, often a continuation or change towards a story that has ended. I hope to be able to create the ability for intense visual immersion although I understand the complexity of such an endeavor and the limitations. I would like to share revenue from the game once it is released with those who help with its creation.

Although I am familiar with several programming languages including swift and python, this project is ambitious and I will need significant support in the development of this application. I will need individuals that can work with the connection between users/networks, artwork (both 3D and 2D), virtual reality (google cardboard most likely), user interface, eventual marketing, and music. Overall this team should be able to work consistently in their free time and get along to ensure a cohesive environment during development.

Project Goals

  • Finalize game and UI designs.

  • Create artwork and 3D models.

  • Program the game and market.

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Grzegorz Powała

Hi Angela,

Your idea sounds very interesting and ambitious. Are you still recruiting people?



Ashley Hannes

Dear Angela,

Ashley here, from Red Apple. I am interested in your requirement. Do you have a skype id? If you share your skype id then I will discuss with you or you can directly e-mail me. My e-mail id:


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