Graph Messaging for Microservices

Created by Philip Weaver.

I'm a Developer in Austin, TX. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Apple, Sun Microsystems.

Project Description

A composable message bus where authorized receivers autonomously decide whether to handle each and every received, pre-authorized message. The broker decides which connections may send and which connections may receive each kind of message. The broker offers to deliver each message to every receiver of an authorized connection for that kind of message and each receiver then decides autonomously whether it will manage that message (filtering by message pattern, originating user, or even the data content of the message). Multiple receivers might process an identical message in an order which is defined by each receiver (as a composable, dynamic pipeline).

A tiny, lightweight, non-opinionated message bus library for microservices which runs entirely in the browser, on the server, and both. Awareness of existing libraries (as influence or not) include: Seneca.js, Riot.js (for its simplicity), Postal.js, busmq, Feathers, the Java Servlet filter API,, RethinkDB Horizon, and MQTT. Realtime support and functional reactive programming might be added at some point but is not currently a priority in the core of this framework. We want to avoid external domain specific languages for permission handling (as with and Horizon).

I'm developing the code @ and the documentation @ I'm looking to collaborate with other developers in general.

Project Goals

  • Allow for rapid development.

  • Allow for simple yet composable development.

Github page

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Nicholas Proctor

Hi Phil, This sounds real interesting!

How far are you with this project?

I'm a designer...maybe I can help? I predominantly work with branding and marketing companies but also work with designing web/app user interfaces and User experiences.

My portfolio with a few projects thought just represents a small collection of projects I've worked on.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


PS: your Github link didn't work?!

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