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I'm a Developer in Thessaloníki, Greece. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

Our grandkids either will laugh with us for allowing our world to be led by a handful of a multibillionaires that cash on our private data or will be brainless bricks on the wall it's already build to integrate the last bit of free will and and decency of humanity into the castle of the few elites . It's up to us what will be, right now, right here. Please do not get me wrong, i come from no radical political area nor i have any empathetic background against progress, science or technology, and i DO know that in order to advance our civilization from stage zero to stage one, we need to join our brains fore through a global network that will eliminate waste of time and duplication of efforts and enable matching of ideas and visions. In fact, what already happens more or less, with the difference this doe not benefit individual members of the networks, instead, makes the few richer and the many poorer. The network i have in mind will have not one CEO and owner, rather each and every member of it will be CEO and owner and sametime payed employee. Each and every member f the network will share the network's revenue that will come from advertisement, even if she does nothing. It's obvious, that such a de-centralized network implements a model that will have huge political, financial and cultural impact but only to the better of human race and it's further development.

I belong in the generation that was born in the age when a landline in each house (and i was born in western Europe) wasn't the norm, TV was broadcasting B/W , was buying music recorded on vinyl and ended up a few decades later living in a world beyond our wildest imagination. This is great indeed, but with the many disadvantages we all know on employment, privacy and lifestyle. Our rights into humane way of living was traded with a powerful smartphone that cheap that is almost free (why i wonder?). We surrendered bit by bit our life to the few powerful financial centers that are able to hire enough employees to rapidly develop the bars around us , transform us into products with just serial numbers instead of names.

This is a project that dos not aim into any kind of entrepreneurial , business or any kind of personal success and earnings for its initial contributors at least further to the revenues and advantages each and every member of the network will enjoy no matter how small or big it is in the process. What we need to deploy this network which - though it is-i avoid to name it a social one, because in fact will be the mother of all networks, the reflection and imprint of physical networking between humans into the new virtual world for the benefit of all, that will secure better education, entertainment, information, but also stable wage for all. It is the network that will use machines on human's advantage, and not the other way. I am not a native English language speaker, i guess this is obvious so far, but i use English in order to reach the widest audience possible. I am no one, i am an anonymous human demanding to be able to live , move , and enjoy life the way i am born to be, like all others, anonymously and freely, and the fact i initiate the idea of this network doesn't give me any privilledge compared to the ones that reading the description of this project will be inspired, envision and bring their better ideas onto the table. So, what we all need help with in order to deploy this network, is first of all, VISION. To the rest, i am to provide my spare time as a programmer into helping developing the network. Programmers, engineers, marketers,artists, writers, anyone can and has to contribute to the extend he can towards developing this network that eventually will be for the benefit of all. Acknowledging that this is a limited space not suitable to fully unveil our ideas and expose our visions, i will take the freedom to post here soon the forum link address where everything can be discussed further by all.

Project Goals

  • Reach 100 active members

  • Develop the actual social platform on internet while growing as community and spread the word

  • Start having revenue stream from advertisement, keep growing, change the world!

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February 20, 2017

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Angela Minardi

Hello, this is a very interesting idea but even including the large description you have I cannot really understand what you are trying to do. Is it a forum where individuals can share ideas for society? Or is it meant to do something more substantial? I hope that I'm not missing the point because I have been interested in direct democratic ideas and believe that it is more feasible than ever in this ever increasing technological age. It would be amazing if you could clarify and I hope to hear from you soon!



Hello and sorry for the delayed response. It's an idea of a social network that will work on behalf of the members, instead using them as a product like current social networks do. But as long it's an idea that crossed my mind and i rushed to publish here, it's not restricted by anything. Actually it's the ideas of like-minded people that will give it's final form. I appreciate your input and i hope you take over and expand the initial spark just like i wish more people will, in order to take action as soon as possible. I will be very happy to see that more people share similar point of view, and the direct democracy you mentioned is by all means the main foundation stone of the project.Let's stay in touch and spread the word! Thank you again for your kind interest!

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