Data-driven Guidance App for Authors

Created by Thomas Packer.

I'm a Developer in Orem, UT. I work at The Rubicon Project. Previously, I've worked at eBay,, Blue Coat Systems. I earned a Ph.D from Brigham Young University.

Project Description

A data-driven guidance app for fiction authors, probably a SaaS or web app, possibly also a mobile app. The UI will be deceptively simple, like a refined to-do list or road-map. Behind the scenes, there will be serious data and analytics to provide personalized recommendations for steps the author should take to reach his or her individualized goals and predictive analytics to help the author select steps with the highest ROI.

The road of fiction writing and publishing is changing and uncertain. The options available for an author are bewildering at every step along the way. The data available for making correct decisions that lead to a predictable outcome is scarce. The authoring and publishing industry is filled with self-proclaimed experts giving authoritative-sounding advice for how anyone can succeed as an author, or explanations for why no one will ever succeed as an author. That advice is rarely objective, personalized, or measurable. The guidance a new author receives is dominated by generic rules that authors, editors, bloggers, and conference speakers hear from each other and repeat without questioning and without any data to back it up or enough detailed understanding to tailor that advice to fit individual authors. There are true experts in the industry, but they will never have the time necessary to give more than a small handful of authors advice tailored to them, to their individual abilities and goals. By bringing together a diverse set of data and applying modern data science and AI techniques, we can guide any author toward any goal.

Front-end development, marketing

Project Goals

  • Refine and validate the business model and pivot if necessary.

  • Build a prototype.

  • KickStarter or other funding.

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Ryan Steel

Hi Thomas,

What kind of front end development are you looking for?


2 days ago


Hello Ryan Steel

I am looking for web application development. I don't have my heart set on any particular stack, especially during the mock-up, prototype, and MVP phases. Tell me about your background, experience, interest in the author/publishing industry, availability, willingness to work for equity, etc.

2 days ago
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