access to services for underserved immigrants

Created by Arziki Phenyo.

I'm a Product Manager in New York, NY. I work at The Stimulus Effect. I earned a M.A. from Columbia University.

Project Description

The app will be designed to inform minorities, particularly members of underserved immigrant groups-- Africans, Asians, Caribbeans, Middle Easterners, etc.--about tailored resources and services (for job placement, housing, language acquisition, faith gatherings, etc.) which they can access in the community; offer opportunities for them to coordinate and build neighborhood councils and committees to deal with community challenges; provide "direct lines" to local leaders to form "front-line and administrative units" that can more effectively overcome those challenges and build the vital connections between constituents and elected officials for substantive change (toward heightened accountabiility); and sustain the momentum needed for maximized turnout, and assurance of electoral integrity (i.e., prevention of voter-suppression and voter-intimidation tactics) that will ensure that the public's will is honored.

Despite how many people are disheartened by the 2016 Presidential Election results, there is a groundswell of activism that has not been for decades. People are motivated to make their voices heard, and make a decisive impact. Apps like this will ensure that the moment is not wasted, and our communities will be better off for it.

I have limited design and development experience; so, those who can help with creating the app infrastructure (coding, architecture, etc.) are needed.

Project Goals

  • To ensure members of underserved immigrant groups (Africans, Asians, Caribbeans, etc.) are aware of and access services

  • To guide members of underserved immigrant groups to pro-active roles in bettering their communities

  • To foster grassroots action toward increased voter turnout and community involvement

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