Spoonsy, an app for the chronic illness community

Created by Allison Smith.

I'm a Designer in Boston, MA. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Hill Holiday, Sapient Nitro, Timberland, Verndale, http://TJX, http://Medtronic, Putnam Investments, Almighty. I earned a M.F.A. from Tufts University.

Project Description

An app, mobile iOS only, that combines tracking apps' functionality with community support and involvement, to create an experience of superior self care for people who need daily support. People with chronic symptoms tend to be more prone to isolate themselves and neglect self care due to the stress that pain puts us through on a daily basis, and, surprisingly, no such product exists. I want to create a community for people to support and reach out to one another.

Because I was diagnosed with a chronic illness a few years ago and I'm acutely aware that nothing like this already exists and most people are using multiple apps to produce the same effect, which is unnecessary. It's especially important for people who suffer daily from these issues to feel connected and supported, since community alleviates feelings of stress and loneliness.

Basically the back end and the medical side. I need someone to take my design files and develop and execute the app and make it available for free on the iTunes Store, and also maybe brainstorm about functionality ideas with me - tell me what's possible or what's something exciting and new we could use. And on the other side I need to find a medical professional or copywriter in the health space to craft a story which will engage as many people as possible and keep them participating.

Project Goals

  • Release product as free app on iTunes

  • Attract large community of users who are especially prone to isolate themselves

  • Maintain a safe, healthy, supportive community space with relevant content

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There are many option to Log off or sign out of windows 10 computer system,Press Windows + X and log-off using windows quick access menu and if you need more then go to this learning place and enjoy without any charges.Thank you.


Daniel Bird

Hi there, I am interested in this project. I was looking at creating a similar tool for both sufferers of cancer, and family members of people with cancer or who have passed away from cancer. An information and communication / chat tool for support, grief etc. Is that included in this particular description of chronic illness? My background is in web applications. I believe this also casts a wider net, is more searchable, can be accessed on any device etc. Do message me if you are interested in pursuing this. I assume this type of product will require a comprehensive marketing strategy. Offering this free resource from places like hospitals, clinics, therapists.


Pete Smart

You can email me @ if you have any questions about my app ideas.


Ashley Williams

What would you need writers to do, just for my clarification? Because as someone who loves to write and also suffers from a chronic illness, this sounds like an amazing project to me.



I'd need just general app language - CTAs, a welcome blurb with a few slides about the benefits of signing up for the app, probably some language for the intros on the tracking section, the dashboard section, the profile section, and the social section. And I'd love to brainstorm with someone else who has a chronic illness about a) anything you think would be helpful that I'm missing, and b) how to deal with the social media aspect - like is it like Facebook groups where people can create their own group? Should we start out with a few main groups based on illness or things like talking about pain and pain management? Stuff like that. If you're interested in talking for a bit just to see if this is something you'd like to be a part of, you can email me at



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