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Created by Anastasia Romanova.

I'm a Musician in Moscow, Russian Federation. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

Hey guys!
Hello from Russia :)
I'm looking to collaborating with creative people.
I can do a lot of things: I enjoy singing, writing. I'm really into photography. I work as a model. Now I'm going to learn solfege and take singing lessons. I've got a nice sense of humour so I could do something funny as well.

So... I want to create a youtube-channel where I can place something special - not just cover songs (although they may be interesting if made in a different way) but my (or OUR) own content (like songs, sketches, etc). I've got a lot of ideas but the problem is that I don't have people I can collaborate with.All my friends are just like "Omg why do you need it?" and I need those only who want to WORK.

Most of all, I guess, musicians cause my skills in music are very poor at present.
But if you have any suggestions, any ideas - you're always welcome. I would gladly take part in YOUR projects too.
Sincerely yours,

Project Goals

  • Create a successful vlog

  • Find creative people to collaborate with

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Alexandra Duna

Hi there,
Let's discuss more about your ideas, your dream.
I can help you to manage this project and implement all my knoledge as a social media manager to reach audience to your channel.


Sean (the codepuppy)

Hi! :D
I'm known more for my codes/scienceyness than other things, but I like to sing whether I'm any good or not ^^''
If you'd like to (digitally) hang out, I'd love to! :D
My email is and DeviantArt is ^w^


Chris Rendall

Hi Anastasia, I'm from the UK and love Russian people! I am a musician/producer, and do some graphic art film editing too. Easy going and would love to partner up with you and maybe make our/your talents special.Speak soon Spaseeba xx


Sumit Binjola

I am a music composer mainly focused in song composing and making short films. You can find my channel - binjola films. Maybe we can plan out something


Chrissy Aikey

Would you consider doing a lifestyle/beauty collab of some sort?

I'm a Youtuber from Canada and I mostly do lifestyle and Beauty vlogs but if that is somewhat up your alley theres always opportunity for collaboration.


Michelle Christian

Hey please tell me more.


WonIl Kang

are you only looking for people in your area?


Anastasia Romanova  PROJECT CREATOR

No! :)


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