Proximitii: A location based networking feature for LinkedIn

Created by Marcellous Hazzard.

I'm a Designer in Phoenix, AZ. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

A networking feature for LinkedIn that uses your location to search for other people with specific skills and needed resources everywhere you go; as long as each individual are online.

As an entrepreneur it’s hard finding people to build a team. Networking is the solution, but it’s tedious.

Make networking more efficient by giving people the tool to discover others with the solution to their problems and the resources to their ideas.

To give the entrepreneur like me, who lack resources to move forward the vision to see resources everywhere they go.

We all attend events like this to share our ideas and hope we land the right connection; to find that person who has the skills or resources we need to move forward.

But the people we need aren't only at these events. They're everywhere! Whether you're at the coffee shop or the airport someone is/has what you're looking for, vice versa.

App Development
Algorithm Developer
A team that's willing to share ideas and enjoy the experience.

Project Goals

  • Have a testable beta.

  • Gather information/suggestions from users and fix bugs.

  • Have sufficient data and testimonials.

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Ankur Jrm

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Sudeep Singh


I can work as a paid developer at lower fee for iOS or android or backend; can share my large portfolio should you be interested. Contact me at


John Gerbel-Lucas

Shoot me an email if you are


John Gerbel-Lucas

Also I would like to hear more about what the insides of the car look like on this application as I have some ideas that are similar and could plug right into what you are doing here perhaps. I would love to bounce ideas around and in general hear whats inside this box. Hope all is well, cheers!


John Gerbel-Lucas

I have family ties to the founder of linkedIn. Not sure if you are in the need of that contact perhaps but the founder is on the board of directors of my uncles company and if needed I'm sure we could work something out for the introduction if needed.


Shane Nolan

I really like this idea. So many people miss out on perfect networking opportunities because they aren't proactive or lucky enough to talk to the right people at conferences. This would a lot. And it would be great for recruiting. Let me know if you are interested in more developers


Marcellous Hazzard  PROJECT CREATOR

Same for you I apologize for my late response. I love how you think! Like I told Dillion in the comment below you've only seen the outside of the car. There's more detail and features inside.

Improving networking at events & conferences is about 5% of what we do at Proximitii. We're more than just an app!

If you are still interested in joining/ learning more about Proximitii please let me know. We could use you on our team as well.


Marcellous Hazzard  PROJECT CREATOR

Proximitii is looking for someone with your skills. Want to learn more about what we do?


Shane Nolan

I'd love to learn more and help out if I can


Marcellous Hazzard  PROJECT CREATOR

Perfect! Email me a time you'd be able to Skype this weekend so my team and I could learn more about you and get you caught up. Keep in mind we're PST time.


Dillon Burnett

This could might be one of the better ideas i have found in a long time.

People want to see and meet other professionals in person. As long as it is easy to use and update it could make linkedin look like myspace.


Marcellous Hazzard  PROJECT CREATOR

I apologize for my late response. I didn't know someone had commented on our project. I love the comment "it could make linkedin look like myspace." I literally laughed because I said the same thing to my team of web developers before.

It's great that you think highly of this project, but you've only seen the outside of the car. There's more detail and features inside. Let me know if you're looking for a project to work on. We could use your skills on our team.


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