An app to help and encourage people to consume sustainably

Created by Jonathan Bean.

I'm a Designer in Richmond, VA. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Sustainy, Tutor, English Teacher, Social Progress Agents. I earned a degree from John Tyler community college

Project Description

Sustainy is a web and mobile app that aims to help sustain society and Earth, by helping users consume sustainably, it does this by helping them measure, track, compare, share, and reward their consumption of food and other things that is healthy for Earth, society, and the body.

We are making Sustainy so that people can vote with their dollars for the future world they prefer. It is really hard right now to consume according to your values because the information is not easy to find to help you choose the right products and services. Also people have no idea how their choices affect people in the future.

I need help:
- Iterating the designs for the app and web service.
- Programming it.
- I can pay for some of it but I need help getting users to buy shares and subscriptions for the app to cover the expenses like cloud computing expenses.
- Designing the logo and graphics.
- Developing the business plans
- Making crowdfunding video

There are more roles I need filled listed in this internships document

Project Goals

  • Finish market research, making survey, gathering market feasibility data,

  • Program the app

  • Make crowdfunding video

Github page

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Oscar Nilsson

Im down with this. It sounds interesting, go ahead and send me an email at:


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