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Created by Parminder Singh.

I'm a Developer in New York, NY. I'm currently freelancing. I earned a M.S. from Symbiosis Center for IT.

Project Description

ChildCareDesk aims to help parents find quality child care centers near them.

- There's no specialized search engine to find child care.
- No channel to update slot availability for child care centers. And thus no way for parents to get notified
- No homogeneous review and rating platform for both parents and child care centers
- No data for Government/Investors and NGOs to gauge demand

- We collate data from various sources and make it accessible via text/mobile/web. Our data contains subsidized, government approved, licensed and permitted child care centers (for NYC) along with centers from around the web.
- We provide a platform for child care centers to update their profile and availability information
- We offer state of the art reviews and rating system. Our rating system is based on an algorithm that factors 3 types of ratings:
a. System Rating - Derived from various accredition agencies (E.g.: Violations)
b. Social Ratings - Based on reviews by friends and family (Word of mouth)
c. User Ratings
- Provide analytics and Heatmaps based on searches

- ChildCareDesk has an Android app available in Google Play Store
- has a mobile friendly website
- SMS solution to search centers based on zip/location (Send text "Centers <ZIP_CODE>" to 347-252-3728
- SMS solution for child care centers to update availability

Commercial Viability:
We would like to build further more on the platform and connect child care centers to parents. We can do this by:
a. getting more child care centers on board by providing more features for child care centers that let them connect with parents and grow their business
b. collating, transforming (ETL) and feeding more data sets into the system and making it easily searchable.
c. connect the platform with various parent groups like forums, mommy groups, etc

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Project Goals

  • Develop app to search for child care centers by zipcode, address, neighborhood, city or name

  • Develop platform to create reviews and ratings

  • Provide analytics information to gauge demand for government agencies, investors and NGOs.

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Sorry for the separate part 2: Are you going to be able to sort findings via special fields -- ie programs that offer non-traditional hours or summer camp programs?



Have you contacted any of the City's Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies -- Like the Center for Children's Initiatives?


Teresa Olander, RN

Hello, I heard about this on the radio this morning. I am a Nurse Consultant for child care programs in NYC. LESS THAN 6 % of DOH permit-holding child care centers and LESS THAN 2 % of home-based and school-age OCFS programs are authorized to administer medication. I welcome discussion with Mr. Singh and team about this issue.


Parminder Singh  PROJECT CREATOR

Thanks for sharing that Teresa! Drop me an email at psingh @ and let's discuss this.


Kedar Sarmalkar

Thank you all for comments and suggestions below. This helped us in successfully releasing a great product for busy parents having non-smart as well as smart phones to find quality day care near them.

Looking forward to further better the product, More comment, suggestions and feedback are always welcome.



Great idea! This website has all of the inspection information, but you have to go center by center to gather it all. Maybe if you give them a call they can give you the data in a format that would be less tedious to use.


Joel Natividad

Hey guys,
You may want to check out the new Open311 feed in the Developer Portal Beta of the City -
They have a Facility API that you ask for childcare centers.


Parminder Singh  PROJECT CREATOR

Thanks Joel! We'll check that out.


Bhavyan Mehta

Joel, This is awesome. Thanks a lot for this


Kedar Sarmalkar

Thanks Joel,

Based on your inputs we were successfully able to release the product with more quality data, that would certainly help parents in making a better decision. You can check it out at or download the android app from


Albert Pulido

I am so excited for this project. For disconnected youth (16 - 24, not in a job or in college) who are parents, this is a huge issue. And childcare providers range so much in price, services offered, and quality. Great speaking with your team today.

Albert Pulido
BigApps Advisor
Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow


Bhavyan Mehta

Thanks Albert for your advise at the hackathon. It would help us improve on our app design


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