A Better Mobile App for Drivers in the Transportation Industry

Created by Michael Schleipfer.

I'm a Designer in Denver, CO. I work at Colorado Luxury Ride LLC. Previously, I've worked at Metro Taxi, Freedom Cab, Cap'n Fresh and the Stay Fresh Seals.

Project Description

A App For drivers that is built for drivers unlike the bad business practices of Uber and Lyft, this will gain popularity quickly since there is no good alternative yet, it will be welcomed with open arms from the Government ,drivers and customers since it is built to improve the business and not diminish it

To improve the transportation industry for both drivers and customers, and rival the bad business practices that are creating a race to the bottom in the transportation industry. it is designed to support drivers in building their business so they still have something to sell and can remain independent. I have been driving independently for 16 years and understand what it would take to improve the business through an app for both drivers and customers while at the same time helping to move the industry towards better standards and allow customers to support drivers who are organized in Unions or are a part of a Co op and help to minimize the carbon footprint that the transportation industry creates and make something that is more conducive to international travelers and customers with disabilities, also it will help keep regulated and drivers with proper insurance who are experienced and dedicated in their profession to not be forced out by part time drivers who undercut the rates that are needed for a driver to stay in their profession.

programming an app and filming and editing the documentary that will serve to educate the public on the current and future problems ride shares like Uber X Lyft and Sidecar are creating.

Project Goals

  • create a prototype and early version of the app that people can start using and then continuing to build on that,

  • form a Co op for the app and launch crowd funding

  • film and edit the documentary

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Aaron Agassi

Do I need to wait for the movie in order to understand the problems and what the app is to do differently?


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