User-Tailored Event Ticketing Platform

Created by Sebastien Presume.

I'm a Engineer in New York, NY. I work at WirelessEDGE. Previously, I've worked at Clever Devices, Chatfield Engineers. I earned a B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Project Description

Our team has developed a unique way people from all over can discover events. The same way Netflix figures out what movies you'll be interested in and seamlessly presents it to you, we have done so for the event ticketing market. Not only are we making it very fast and easy for people to discover the events that are preferred by them, we make it fast and easy for the event organizers to not only find their much needed customers, but to get the news out quickly, with a rewards program that will entice users to share events they like, and purchase tickets sold on our platform.

We've noticed the event-ticket market being so saturated with the same events and similar services, and realized, with that, it makes it much harder for an event-seeker to see everything their locale has to offer without hopping from one website to another. We've made our website fill that void by providing a hub where all types of events can be shared in our social marketplace environment, even from other ticketing services. Our goal is to centralize as many events as possible that the world has to offer, to make our event seekers discover exactly what fits them best, more conveniently. We'd ultimately like to do to events, what Facebook is doing to news and media content.

We are in need of a web developer to help us build past our successful beta version into a more market-ready web platform and application product(s).

-Full-Stack Development
-Mobile Apps Development
-Previous professional startup/tech company experience
-Can dedicate time to coding/hacking

Project Goals

  • Build Market-Ready Website.

  • Build Mobile Apps.

  • Update Both Website & Mobile Apps To Grow With User-base.

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Susan Diaz

We also have MEAN stack available.. ping me here:


Angel Moreno

What stack are you planning to run this on?


Jeremy Boron

LAMP stack


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