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Hi, I'm Yyo Dt.

I'm a Product Manager in London, United Kingdom. I've worked at IKEA, BeMyApp, and BRKV and I'm interested in Sharing Economy, Food And Travel, and more. Check out my projects, skills and interests below, then send me a message and let's collaborate!

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My Work Samples


Looking for a Tech Cofounder

By Yyo Dt

I am a French digital entrepreneur and cofounder of

I have a background in Electronics Engineering and Business.

Nowadays I am doing product management and digital marketing.

Passionate about sport, travel and food


The story of

We are a digital startup based in the vibrant Silicon Roundabout in East London. Pop and Rest started in 2016 after having identified a few problems and needs that no one was addressing. We were frustrated by the lack of a private and peaceful spaces during the day where we could stay for 30 minutes or more to rest, refresh and relax, basically to disconnect and recharge when being away from home.

Our platform is dedicated to connecting tired travellers and workers who need to take a short break with private and peaceful spaces furnished by pods. Pop and Rest is the new relaxation experience we bring to tired workers and travellers in big cities.