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Hi, I'm Shahnoor Ali.

I'm a Writer in Dallas, TX. I'm interested in Starting A Business, Making Music, and more. Check out my skills and interests below, then send me a message and let's collaborate!

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What is unconditional love?

By Shahnoor Ali

Love is not a perception it is the very nature and substance of the universe and me and you. It is the power that upholds and moves everything. If you move with fear you're going no where if you move with love it will take you everywhere. Everything is a derivative or some form of love.

Does unconditional love have limits? It does not. It is in-finite because love is energy and there's almost an infinite amount of energy everyone from the sun, stars, trees and me and you. We are energetic beings of love and light. We are the light that knows, you are the light that shines literally. You have so much strength in you that you can be a savior to the whole world.

Who is God? God is the Conscious Creator of the universes the one here and the ones beyond. God is conscious just like human beings are conscious. We are one with that with God. That's why we are love that's why God is love. Love means no separation everything one connected and united.

Who am I? I am a energetic vibration of light and love. You are as well. That is our literal being. That is where all our power and strength comes from. I am happiness. You are happiness. Happiness is truth. And truth and illusions cannot exist together. What else are we? We must be eternal, forever truth. We are the energy that is forever here to bring that knowledge to others, the knowledge of the soul. The knowing that we will forever be shining together with God. What is the difference between soul and spirit?

Lastly, love doesn’t put people in special categories. God loves everyone equally. God is infinite, therefore God’s love for you is endless.

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