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Hi, I'm Matt Moores.

I'm a Writer in Beijing, China. I've worked at AcadeMe and I'm interested in Comedy, Startups, and more. Check out my skills and interests below, then send me a message and let's collaborate!

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My Work Samples


Stranded Sketch Comedy

By Matt Moores

by Matt Moores
Jacob — 30, male, flight attendant/pilot
Co-Pilot — 32, male/female, co-pilot/straight character
Sister Mary Cheeto — 64, female, nun
Stranger — 35, male, businessman/straight character
Aunt Tooti — 42, female, sales rep
Miranda — 21, female, robot
Amanda — 21, female, Miranda’s friend/straight character
Frat Moores — 22, male, college student

SCENE I: Intro
Scene opens fading from black to light from JACOB’s perspective. He’s waking up.
CO-PILOT: Jacob? Jacob?!
JACOB (rustling awake, very nasally): What! I’m sorry. Do I have to pay attention the whole
CO-PILOT: Yes! Jacob, of course!
JACOB: This is so tiring. When’s nap time?
CO-PILOT: There is no nap time, Jacob! You’re in charge of hundreds of lives!
JACOB (whiny): Ugh! I don’t like responsibility.
CO-PILOT: Well you better start liking it, because we still have thirteen more hours to go.
JACOB: *moans*
CO-PILOT: Jacob! Stop whining.
JACOB: But I feel like I’m... I feel like I’m stranded!
Intro title sequence. Cute jingle and “STRANDED” in big letters. Here all of the characters
names will be shown!

Cut to shots of the other characters on the plane: AUNT TOOTI reads a romance novel, SISTER
MARY CHEETO eats from a bag of Cheetos, MIRANDA stares straight ahead with dead eyes,
and FRAT MOORES flips through a Skymall. Cut back to JACOB and CO-PILOT.
JACOB: I have to go to the bathroom. :(
JACOB: I have overactive bladder syndrome!

JACOB gets up and leaves. CO-PILOT shrieks and grabs control of the plane. Whilst the CO-
PILOT struggles to save the lives of hundreds, JACOB can be heard saying:

JACOB: Oh hello, sir. What are you doing here? Oh you’re in here? Is it occupied? You have a
very nice member— Oh that reminds me, I need to eat my lunch that I packed for myself, it’s a
cucumber sandwich—
JACOB returns. He takes out a plastic bag with a cucumber sandwich in it and starts eating it.
CO-PILOT: You can’t keep doing that!
JACOB: What? Going to the bathroom? I have a very small bladder. (very long pause) It’s like a
coin purse.
CO-PILOT: Listen to me Jacob. I know that this is your first time flying a plane, but you—
JACOB: *moaning*
CO-PILOT: Stop, stop that noise. What is that?
JACOB: *moaning*
CO-PILOT: Jacob! JACOB. You have to listen to me this is very important!
JACOB: *moaning*
CO-PILOT is silent, waiting for the moaning to end. JACOB continues moaning for a comedic
amount of time.