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Hi, I'm Jason Buckland.

I'm a Writer in Cork, Ireland. I'm interested in Fiction Writing and Poetry Writing. Check out my skills and interests below, then send me a message and let's collaborate!

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My Work Samples


Chapter sample

By Jason Buckland

Stood a short distance away from me is a creature I only know from books and films. A werewolf. Stood at almost twice my height arms and legs rippling with muscles. What must have been its hands and fingers is now a set of razor sharp claws just waiting to rip into my flesh. Its face is twisted into a vicious snarl. Drool leaking out of its mouth onto the floor. Its teeth showing long and razor sharp. They look like they could even cut through bone like butter. Its eyes look full of hate and anger. What should be the whites of its eyes are like coal. Its iris, the fire burning. Its fur is perfectly black all over and looks almost like it takes the light from around it and makes the place dark. I’m frozen to the spot as this behemoth of a creature starts to pad its way towards me, its eyes fixed on me. I turn to try and run in a panic and in faced by the same sight except this one is not as bulky and not as high up. They start to circle me, toying with me almost. I stand there with fists raised, trying to look like I have a chance of fighting back, but I know I don’t stand a chance the smaller of the two wolves’ jumps at me and I duck and it flies over me. The other one jumps at me and this time I can’t get out the way and it hits me like a car knocking me to the ground. It pins down my arms with its front legs and it looks me straight in the face. Drool leaks from its mouth soaking my top. Its breath stinks like a dogs. I scramble across the floor trying to get away, but in pins my arm down with one paw. I try to pull it loose, but it won’t budge. Using its free paw it seems to take its time slowly cutting up my arm with its claws almost smiling as I scream in pain as it rips through my flesh. As I lay there on the verge of losing consciousness I hear faint footsteps coming towards me growing louder and louder and moving at incredible speed. The two werewolves leave my side to investigate. I open my eyes to look and see what was going on and see the Werewolves stood in front of me parted just enough that I can see what was making the footsteps stood in front of the two wolves is a man I have never seen before. Old enough to be a grandfather, his hair is a light grey colour and is tied in a ponytail. A shabby beard just as grey covers the bottom of his face. His eyes a vibrant purple colour. That is strange enough, but he is not alone stood at his side is a wolf, larger than a normal wolf built more like an ox but other than that it looks ordinary its fur a mix of shades of grey “Leave know and we will let you live” the man says and both the black wolf turn and start to back away till they're both at my side and one raises a paw and holds it over my neck but the man’s face stays stern as I whimper in fear. I don’t want to die. “Harm him and I will make sure that you die slowly and painfully” the man replies and the werewolves paw slowly falls from my neck. “Now leave and there will be no fighting today,” he says almost like an order and the werewolves don’t move clenching and releasing their fists. “Fine then, have it your way” the old reply’s and in an instant he is gone, replaced by a wolf much like the other except this one has fur of a perfect snow white. The sight of the two wolves is enough to send the werewolves fleeing with their tails between their legs. I stand there with my mind numb with fear, pain and confusion. I can feel the blood running down my arm drenching my skin, but I don’t make a move to stop it as I stare at the two wolves stood in front of me. The cut on the front of my arm begins to burn and I fall to the floor in agony. Crying out in pain I lay on the floor. The grey wolf walks over to where I lay in pain and I must be hallucinating from the pain because the wolf seems to change shape into a boy who looks remarkably like Connor. “Oh, Jason, what have they done to you,” he says, his voice solemn “hold on Jason it’s going to be okay,” he says as he holds me in his arms. The old man soon joins his side and looks down at me an almost disappointed look on his face. “Leave him Connor, he’s one of them now he’s lost,” he says, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder “NO…. I won’t let it.” Connor sobs “that is your decision Connor I won’t sway you, you know the risks as well as I do.” the old man says coldly and regaining control of his breathing Connor turns to face him and with a cold determination in his voice replies“ “He is my best friend. I can just sit here and do nothing please forgive me Jason and know that this is not what I wanted for you”. He whispers into my ear and leaving I lay on the ground damp with my running blood, he disappears once more back to his wolven self. Slowly he rests his fangs over my shoulder reaching down my chest his saliva running down onto my skin. I’m powerless to stop this. Sharply he sinks his teeth in cutting through my body like butter the piercing so painful my screams must wake the dead. The pain doesn’t stop there washing over me like a wave. My body is burning up from the inside, my brain is about to explode. The pain is too much. I fall


Frozen Heart (poem)

By Jason Buckland

Like a lion tending a wound I try to mend my pride
Like the clouds in the charcoal sky, I free the rain
Beaten down, put down, my heart is broken.
In its place a lump of ice, born of sorrow and hate.
Its takes all warmth and heat.
The chill spreads like a virus , My body goes numb, I lose all feeling
My worries disappear but at what cost,
Happiness and love forever lost
My soul is frozen, cold to the touch
Under the weight of life I’m crushed

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