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Hi, I'm Herbert Siu.

I'm a Product Manager in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. I've worked at Octopus Investments, J.P. Morgan, and Microsoft and I'm interested in Peer To Peer Commerce and Fintech. Check out my projects, skills and interests below, then send me a message and let's collaborate!

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My Work Samples


Peers to Peers savings product and equity release product

By Herbert Siu

I was the pioneer team working in the Octopus Labs to engineer from scratch the equity release lifestyles products - which provides those in later life with loans secured against their property, which don’t need to be repaid until after they pass away – letting them use the home they love to fund the things they need. It is targeted for those who want to unlock some of the money that’s tied up in their home, but don’t want to sell up and move out.

I help in setting up the financial models, test and validate the market and talked to the Financial Institutions for partnership and funding...