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Hi, I'm Resurgo Phoenix.

I'm a Writer in Moncton, Canada. I'm interested in Graphic Novels, Novels, and more. Check out my projects, skills and interests below, then send me a message and let's collaborate!

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My Work Samples


Resurgo is born

By Resurgo Phoenix

He felt himself burst out from the plasma, leaving the core far behind him as he accelerated. The pull he felt at that moment was strikingly similar to a pull that he experienced long ago. At the time of his previous incarnation, the polar shift of the planet was at it's peak. Because of his neutral status, Resurgo was pulled apart from the opposing charges. In this new instance it seems that he had taken the form of a proton, so then as to be released from the center.

His formlessness sprung from the ocean abyss. The hot rush of boiling water ran throughout his being as he rose. When each particle he enveloped came suddenly to a halt, he could feel his body snapping back into its formation instantaneously. With this, his senses slowly followed.

The water was calm on his skin as he floated there surrounded by it. If not for his eyes, he would not be able to see the sun braking through the surface sixteen feet above him. The color was not as he expected, with crimson tint shining the objects underneath. when he looked below, he noticed large masses of ruined buildings scattered on the ocean floor. These structures looked of maritime origin, having rotted wooden docks and ships buried under the sand.

It was apparent that his lungs still needed atmosphere. They condensed briefly, notifying him that he had to find air soon. He moved his arms back and forth, kicking his way towards the surface. Breaching the waves above was difficult with each movement becoming more stressful than the last. Finally his arms grabbed hold of something solid. He dragged his heavy vessel limply onto dry land and waited. There was no strength left in him to continue moving. Every appendage was heavy and sore.

His neck dropped to the side, revealing to him a new sight. The sun that loomed above his body was not the one he had grown to know. A large sphere of red towered over the horizon, shining incessantly on everything. It's width spanned across his whole field of vision albeit limited.

Another source of light clashed with the massive entity. Emanating from the earth was a dome of salmon fluorescence. It covered a large plot of land in the distance. closer inspection revealed buildings inside appearing like a civilized version of the underwater ruins.

He could feel his consciousness begin to fade, but Resurgo fought to determine the identity of this planet. There were among the red valley patches of coniferous trees. between them the soil was black and lifeless. At this time there was nothing he could do to stop his restlessness from taking over. He knew the time had come to let go of this moment, and he did so reluctantly.


Awaken in Nettle

By Resurgo Phoenix

His sense of touch returned first. lying there on his front, starting to grope the substance he was on. He could not analyze the object efficiently from the strange texture, but when his nostrils opened, He could smell freshly cut grass. Resurgo attempted to lift himself up to separate himself from the flora. His eyes reopened to find that his suspicions were on the right track. It seemed he was face down on a man-sized leaf. For the first time in his rebirth, he was energized enough to move with ease. It took him a much shorter time than expected to rise up onto his feet, and with it, he could now interact with his environment.

Immediately in front of him stood a child's mirror. It was difficult to discern his physical form from how disproportionate it was, but still he strived to know. In it, he saw a rugged man. The man's eyes carried the darkest bags he'd ever viewed. inside the sclera pierced an awesome red ring, and inside the ring was the small dark pupil that he expected. A chinstrap hugged his jaw, matching the same natural brunette that his shoulder length hair bore. beneath his head, he saw a lanky white build. This came of no surprise. It was clear that he did not have the strongest body from the issues he'd recently faced.

It was only once he had seen his basic features that there appeared something strange. He turned around to view his backside, and there was a couple of appendages he did not remember having. On his right shoulder blade sprouted a large red wing. the hard feathers were trimmed with purple, orange and gold. Such a new development distracted him from the other shoulder, as high strangeness of this magnitude was unusual. He attempted to move the new limb, for he assumed there to be muscle on the inside. surely, it moved, but without the experience of using this wing, it would have to be decorative.


Torment of the Phoenix

By Resurgo Phoenix

He stared into the nothing. The black darkness in his minds eye was perpetual and unwavering. With both of his pupils he could simply see, but burdened he was to be blind eternal. The frigged pain of the cold air once was unbearable, now this normalcy enveloped his moment. Icy walls he could not escape embraced him at a distance. He had not heard the dreaded cacophony reverberate outside for a short time, giving him peace to contemplate his last breaths. his execution was to be carried out shortly and with it an end to his suffering. no longer would the guilt of tormenting so many souls burden him after this final phase. Although he was slightly relieved, he still pondered what lies waiting for him beyond death.

He was hailed Phenex by his demonic keepers. it was his dark onus to answer others by this title. This place was his fate for his traitorous actions of when he was living on the earth's surface. The lowest level of hell's spiteful punishment was all that he'd known, forgotten his time alive aside from what made him guilty. Tears stained indefinitely on his face; He had been crying uncontrollably from his sin. The golden shackles around his limbs could keep in his body, but his soul wandered and bled through the gloomy, tiny fissures of the stigmatic prison cell. with this feat, he could follow along the sound of etches across the frozen hallway floor outside gaining proximity. He watched silently as the wall in front of him ascended into the ceiling, revealing two figures of malice.

The demons bore feathered wings black as the raven. Their skin, which was charred at it's surface, seemed to sprout small dark downs by the millions. He watched as the left demon's red beak punctured holes in a droopy cobra cadaver.

"You burned in the fire, dead Phenex. You were sent into the earth for manifesting our required amount of negativity. Unlike the rest of our ranks your light began to increase as you are already aware. The light of your spirit has been irritating us for much too long. So disappointing to have you here rotting on frozen knees, but your presence here is useless" Explained the other beast. "Malphas and I were both given the task of  casting you into the deepest oblivion on this night, and so we shall enjoy it much" The presumed Malphas, snake ever dangling from bony maw, removed his bloody talons and violently towards the mans shackles.

"Worthless withering whore! Remember that even as you are expelled from this place, you are forever bound to us!" The demon shrieked, melting the gold chains with the scorch of his claws. "Once damned, always damned. You can not escape the agony of what you created and we will happily feast on your soul until we have our fill!" he cawed out in ecstasy. his slippery cyan tongue wrapped halfway around his beak before thrashing at the mans face.The demon swiftly tugged the dead souls arm  without any effort, bringing the entity down. "Halphas, it is very clear that it's turning. it's so light that it is essentially weightless. let's get this done with quickly. I'm growing tired of being weakened by this trash."

"Indeed" said Halphas, receding back into the hallway of Ice. His brother followed, dragging the man's lifeless corpse across the floor. There was no pain as the mans skin scraped off from friction. All physical feeling was drowned out by the numbness of his surroundings. He bobbed his head momentarily to the side, catching a glimpse of the flesh trail being left in his wake. sounds began from within the opposing walls, increasing in volume rapidly. It was a mix of screams, laughter, and intestinal sounds he heard often yet could not exactly Identify. although this was the music of his lifestyle, he'd never heard it so loud.

"Do you think he'll have anything to say beforehand considering that this fool used to be his underling?" Malphas asked his brother as they turned left into another frozen hall.

"I'm sure he will, the traitor has been slowly breaking him down since its arrival. If I was to be so bold, I would say that he's been excited to rant at it." replied Halphas. 
The soul had been placed in each descending layer with every time his light grew. He did not know why it began to grow, did not know why it continued to persist and most of all, had no inclination as to how long the process took. Time felt still for him in bursts of silence, as if being a flame that is periodically revealed by removing the wrapped hand of another.

They took him through one final corridor before finally throwing his remains onto a pedestal trimmed with diamonds and gold. To his front continued in pitch blackness for an indeterminate amount of area, while behind him stood his scowling firing squad.

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