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Hi, I'm Ashish Rajadhyaksha.

I'm a Product Manager in New York, NY. I've worked at Health Tech, Hamilton Madison House, MoonSoup, and a few other places. I'm interested in Connected Cities Challenge, Health Tech, and more. Check out my projects, skills and interests below, then send me a message and let's collaborate!

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My Work Samples



By Ashish Rajadhyaksha

I put together a distributed team for NY Presbyterian Hospital's Innovation Challenge with team members from Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires and New York City. We created an ER app prototype that would guide patients to appropriate facilities based on certain criteria.

I was responsible for coordinating the project, assembling the team, and managing the workflow in addition to creating the product flowchart and creating UI mockups in Balsamiq.

For NYC BigApps, we would like to develop the prototype further by incorporating NYC Open Data, IBM Watson Analytics, and IoT Data in order to provide more data behind the prototype.