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Hi, I'm Annex Achieng.

I'm a Writer in Gorizia, Italy. I've worked at The East African and Lindsell Marketing and I'm interested in Education, Startups, and more. Check out my skills and interests below, then send me a message and let's collaborate!

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The Rise of the ‘Andies’-Been There Done That

By Annex Achieng

The Rise of the ‘Andies’-Been There Done That

In Camden, North London, two friends are embarking on a retail career their store sells art, vintage furniture, pottery and fashion. Both store owners are graduates and have held jobs in art, interior design and fashion and, to top all that, they will soon be adding catering to this list.
These two friends are members of the fast growing club dubbed the ‘Andies’-the- multi faceted and multi-talented all singing and all dancing straight A*s lot. Networkers and employers in London are now skimming past university degrees (because we can all have MBAs) and asking: ‘And what do you do?’

We are expected to add that we are tri-lingual, speak one major language fluently from each continent, have volunteered in Africa and Asia repatriating both refugees and other endangered species, climbed the Kilimanjaro at least, be able to swim, cycle and ball room dance to Olympic levels, published a book, knit, direct a film, be a keen gardener, have one tattoo somewhere very hidden, and cook all manner of dishes in minutes.

Wearing several hats is essential in today’s London. Everyone is so qualified and as austerity measures bite one really needs to have many interests to survive. The world here is not only about ‘Ands’, the world here will like you not to bother applying to any university without it.

‘Andies’ are seen as people who understand that they are living in a multi-faceted society - people are constantly changing jobs, marriages, and houses-‘Andies’ are passionate people who get excited about life generally and not just one field of study.

However, as a journalist juggling several jobs myself, I worry that ‘Andies’ are raising the bar higher. Careers are just entry level in London. It is now the norm to hold more than three jobs. To keep up I’ll have to hang –out with Bill Gates and/or Steve Jobs and dance with Black Smith Lady Mambazo! People used to get to the top of the ‘Andi es’ game through travel-you could boast having been to Azerbaijan and fostered an elephant and two tigers. Now everybody has been there and done that.

Admittedly ‘Andies’, met a couple at the Hay Festival in Wales plugging their travel- and cook-your-way- around the world books of course, are more exciting- less snotty and thus more fun. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by such fascinating individuals on a daily basis?

Annex Achieng is a Freelance Journalist and Writer.