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Hi, I'm Ammar Jawad.

I'm a Product Manager in Coventry, United Kingdom. I've worked at Radiant Worlds, Microsoft, and Ubisoft and I'm interested in Education, Disruptive Startups, and more. Check out my skills and interests below, then send me a message and let's collaborate!

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Introduction to product management experience

By Ammar Jawad

I'm a product manager for a freemium/free-to-play game on PC, Android and iOS. I'm responsible for user acquisition and growth hacking, user retention and re-engagement, monetisation and behavioural economics.

I'm also a member of a small team that leads the publishing wing and determines product design of each game. My responsibility is related to growing all the important metrics of the our products. This makes my current role challenging, since I have to communicate, collaborate and lead cross-departmental teams spanning from analytics, marketing, community management, design and coding. I'm mostly known for taking the lead on key projects within the company and driving them from ideation to implementation to ensure maximum quality and no misunderstandings from any department.

Through my team and the projects I have led, I have since grown our game from less than 1,000 users to several hundred thousands users in less than a year using a minimum budget. I have also launched a crowdsourced project of volunteer translators which has garnered more than 750 translators worldwide localising our products into more than 31 languages and giving us a global reach at virtually no cost.