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Hi, I'm Alessandro Mora.

I'm a Scientist in Boston, MA. I've worked at AbbVie and Abbott and I'm interested in Biotechnology, Bioengineering, and more. Check out my projects, skills and interests below, then send me a message and let's collaborate!

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My Work Samples


Capture the best bio-therapeutics producer - microfluidic to detect Antibody

By Alessandro Mora

A novel approach to screen for bio-therapeutics producers regards applying existing microfluidic technologies and analyze cellular product in a early stage. This will serve as a cut-off, decision making stage and the scientist will know which cell line can be prone to enter a more advanced stage of development. Microfluidics is a piece of the puzzle. In order to capture the best producer, additional analysis and strategies are necessary, such as: in plate cell screening, molecular analysis and batch pilot production. The output of a single project can be overwhelming and my main interests go parallel: on one hand I am trying to maximize the throughput of current methods (biological interest), on the other hand I want to process data in a easy scientist-friendly way via multivariate analysis and statistical approach. My current project is yet to be finalized and the segment I am posting here, regards the application of microfludics as screening tool to be seen as part of a toolbox for selection of the best bio-therapeutics producer.