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What is CollabFinder?

CollabFinder is a place to build projects with people like you. Post a project idea that people can jump in and help you build with one click, or browse other members and pitch them your project ideas. So far people have used CollabFinder to build everything from funded startups to weekend side projects and everything in between.

What are Groups?

CollabFinder groups are places where people interested in the same topic, issue, company or technology can meet one another, share their projects, and collaborate. You can see example groups on our groups page. If you run a company, meetup, or are just passionate about an issue like education or New York City, for example, you use CollabFinder to build a community of people who want to build projects that make education or New York better. Create a group today!

Why do you only offer Facebook login?

Our members love CollabFinder because they can trust the information they see on CollabFinder, including people's real names, mutual friends, location, and more. Seeing which CollabFinder members have mutual friends, for example, offers a level of personalization that no other service can provide. Furthermore, requiring people use their Facebook credentials allows us to block recruiters and spammers who would otherwise abuse CollabFinder data and your inbox. We are considering offering other login options including Google+ and Twitter but have no plans to add them in the near term.

What kind of projects can I post?

You can post any kind of project as long as (1) it is not already finished, (2) it is not a marketing page for any other existing site, service, or project, (3) you post a complete, full description of the project - no teaser project pages, (4) it does not included any copyright material that does not belong to you, and (5) it doesn't constitute a help-wanted ad for a paid position.

What about recruiters?

We don't allow recruiters of any kind on CollabFinder. The only people who can send you messages on CollabFinder are talented geeks and creatives like you. No "idea guys," managers, or other folks looking to get you to work on their projects for free (we hate those guys too).

What kind of messages can I send to CollabFinder members?

If you're looking for a collaborator - not someone to pay to work on your project - CollabFinder is for you! Join now and start messaging CollabFinder members you think would make good collaborators. For example, if you have a project idea and you want to find people to work with on your project CollabFinder is the place for you and you are encouraged to reach out to people who you think might be interested in collaborating with you on your project.

Do not send messages to CollabFinder members for the purpose of recruiting them for paid work of any kind. You may not use CollabFinder to offer paid work for any type of work or project for any purpose. Messages of that nature are against our terms of service, are SPAM, and you will be banned from CollabFinder for sending them. Similarly, it is against our terms of service and you will be banned for soliciting paid work from CollabFinder members.