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NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Why build a CollabFinder community?

Developing a relationship with talented makers is an incredibly valuable way to engage those makers. Local programmers, designers, artists and more are looking for a place to work with one another to develop new technology, apps, resources, and other projects that improve their communities. At the moment they don’t have a place to engage one another or to be engaged by their local government or civic institutions. CollabFinder gives your constituents a place to collaborate with one another on projects that solve important issues in their communities and gives you a way to engage with that community.

Sample Use Cases

1Encourage or challenge members of your CollabFinder community to team up and build projects that improve your city or solve problems your organization or constituents are facing.

2Propose specific projects that your CollabFinder community can build together, collaboratively (rather than developing complex, expensive RFPs).

3Develop a granular, detailed understanding of the skills, interests and experience of your constituents.

Developers and designers collaborating on a civic app through CollabFinder

Case Study: New York City

NYC BigApps 2013 was powered by CollabFinder's platform in conjunction with New York City and The New York City Economic Development Corporation (see the press release here). Created in 2009 by the Bloomberg administration, NYC BigApps is the world's leading civic software challenge. It's goal is to encourage developers and designers to build apps that improve the lives of New Yorkers using civic data.

CollabFinder successfully increased the quality and quantity of teams participating in NYC BigApps 2013 (compared to the previous three years of the competition), generating a better outcome for New York City. CollabFinder was able to help individual developers and designers find collaborators, thereby increasing the quality of participating teams and increasing the number of apps to be completed over the span of the competition. Furthermore, because the community of designers, developers and others participating in NYC BigApps 2013 are now members of a CollabFinder community they can continue to collaborate with one another on civic projects and be engaged by the City. See the aforementioned press release for Mayor Bloomberg's remarks on the success of NYC BigApps 2013 through CollabFinder's participation.

NYC BigApps 2013 was powered by CollabFinder

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