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Spoonsy, an app for the chronic illness community

Project needs  Developers, Writers, Scientists
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  • Allison Smith
An app, mobile iOS only, that combines tracking apps' functionality with community support and involvement, to create an experience of superior self care for people who need daily support. People with chronic symptoms tend to be more prone to isolate themselves and neglect self care due to the stress that pain puts us through on a daily basis, and, surprisingly, no such product exists. I want to create a community for people to support and reach out to one another. Because I was diagnosed with…

Proximitii: A location based networking feature for LinkedIn

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Engineers
  • Members
  • Marcellous Hazzard
A networking feature for LinkedIn that uses your location to search for other people with specific skills and needed resources everywhere you go; as long as each individual are online. Problem: As an entrepreneur it’s hard finding people to build a team. Networking is the solution, but it’s tedious. Solution: Make networking more efficient by giving people the tool to discover others with the solution to their problems and the resources to their ideas. To give the entrepreneur like me, who lack…

A Better Mobile App for Drivers in the Transportation Industry

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Filmmakers, Engineers
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  • Michael Schleipfer
A App For drivers that is built for drivers unlike the bad business practices of Uber and Lyft, this will gain popularity quickly since there is no good alternative yet, it will be welcomed with open arms from the Government ,drivers and customers since it is built to improve the business and not diminish it To improve the transportation industry for both drivers and customers, and rival the bad business practices that are creating a race to the bottom in the transportation industry. it is designed…

TribO gift economy app

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Scientists
  • Members
  • David Wall
  • Philip Rogers
  • Iulian Dumitrascu
  • Lu Andro
TribO is an app for facilitating and managing gift economic relations of exchange, thus assisting the shift from a scarcity and money based system to an abundance one. The main goal of this app to to bring people together through economic relations that money power relations have been destroying throughout the centuries. The famous communications theorist Marshall McLuhan once noted that with electronic communications, humanity would retribilize. Meaning that we would become less individualistic…

Amazi: a sensible alternative to bottled water

Project needs  Developers, Product Managers, Engineers
  • Members
  • Scott Groppenbecker
  • Dustin Dannenhauer
  • Devin Lyttle
Amazi is a location-based app that makes it easy to find clean water sources—from fountains, faucets and filtered systems—to fill reusable containers on the go. We also provide data on the municipal water quality, empowering consumers to make informed decisions regarding their water. Of the 66B plastic water bottles consumed annually in the U.S., only 13% are recycled—leaving the rest to litter our landfills, waterways and landscapes. The devastating impact this has on the environment and…

Live Energy Potential Map

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Scientists
  • Members
  • Gerd Kortuem
  • Sujay Hegde
  • Thomas Lorcan
  • Barend Dronkers
A Live Energy Potential Map for Municipalities that shows layered energy potentials based on a combination of static and dynamic open geo-data sources. The goal is to launch an interactive web-service/application that allows users to select combinations of 'sustainable energy interventions' on the map in order to make use of the energy potentials. Think of an energy model linked to a map, using real world data, and linked to economic models. I'm making it so that municipalities (governments/departments/planners),…

Forrage: A social and sustainable market for gear.

Project needs  Developers
  • Members
  • Dave Brown
  • Alyson Jones
Forrage is a niche online market for buying and trading outdoor gear. Users can shop for new items (which take them directly to the exterior store site) or they can browse similar items that are up for trade. We are piggybacking off the affiliate programs of outdoor gear companies (like, rei, etc.) to build inventory, drive traffic, and generate kickback income for Forrage. We're passionate about the outdoors and sustainability. We want to offer users an alternative way to shop…

HeLLa Rides - On demand carpool mobile app

Project needs  Developers, Artists, Writers, Engineers
  • Members
  • Krys Freeman
I'm making a mobile app that allows commuters to form on-demand carpools. Benefit to Drivers Do you currently drive alone over the Bay Bridge during peak hours? >> If you have a FastTrak device, use this app to find and pick up riders, use the HOV (3+) lane to shorten your commute and share toll and gas costs. Benefit to Riders Frustrated by busses that show up late (or not at all)? >> Use this app to coordinate with drivers going your way, with the benefit of door to door service,…