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Quick Review - Eat, Scan, Rate, Leave.

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Product Managers, Engineers
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  • Starr Oge
Quick Review is a touch software that fast food industries can use to easily monitor their employees interaction with a customer. This software can be used with any large tablets. Once customers purchase their food their reciept comes with abar code that can be scanned at the Quick Reveiw station allowing them to instantly rate their server and overhaul experience. Preventing confrontations in stores and keeping employees on their A game daily and not just when they think their being reviewed. These…

Ethical, Spiritual Fine Jewelry Business

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Product Managers
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  • Gabrielle Barone
Hey Guys! My idea is to create a fine jewelry business that uses recycled materials & fair trade precious & semi-precious stones which will have a special connection and meaning for its wearers. The designs will be modern & unique while possessing age old concepts of the special energies and properties of the gemstones which will empower the wearer and form a unique bond with not only the jewelry but the brand. There is a huge opportunity in the market currently for jewelry and products…