Energy + Environment Open Data Challenge

Applications are closed for our Energy + Environment Challenge

We have been looking for teams to use open data to create products that support communities to:

  • Group buy their energy and save money;
  • Undertake community based energy efficiency interventions; or
  • Start to generate their own energy

One Community First

We're working with Bristol City Council and the people of Bristol as a test bed for the tools that are produced from this challenge. We will be looking for scalable, replicable solutions which could eventually be used by communities around the country.


Next step: Selected teams will then be invited to our Creation Weekend on 22nd + 23rd March to build and test their apps before pitching to a panel of judges. At the end of the weekend, three finalists will be chosen to recieve a) £5 000  b) tailored support and c) an offer to apply for the ODI start-up programme.  After an incubation period, the final winning idea could receive up to £40,000 to launch their startup.

Contact us: / @ODchallenges 

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Select and replace incandescent bulbs with LED lights

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Product Managers, Engineers
  • Members
  • Christopher Barnes
  • Neil Phillips
Lighting consumes a significant proportion of the generated electricity in the UK and worldwide. For example, lighting accounted for 19 per cent in homes and 21 per cent in the commercial sector. LED lights are approaching 10 times more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs. LED lights are rated to last over 100,000 hours…

100% Renewable Energy for Bristol

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Musicians, Product Managers, Filmmakers, Engineers
  • Members
  • David Saunders
The idea is to make a city 99% energy independent, and highly resilient, at lower cost than current energy scenarios – and faster than possible proposed nuclear options. The project involves financial (and other) modelling of current energy generation and use, alongside other scenarios (e.g. nuclear) which must include at least one good renewable energy option that includes storage and is demonstrably viable year round. For human life to continue to be viable, we either need to find another planet,…

Community Network Model

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Scientists, Engineers
  • Members
  • Karen Wilkinson
  • Tim Willmott
An experience-based, practical model for understanding the dynamic relationships that operate within and across the boundaries of a community. These results will provide an evidence-based map of the community that will have a distinctive ‘shape’. By translating the data into shapes, we can provide communities with a visualisation of their distinctive properties that will form a rich and powerful representation. This visual metaphor for very complex data is very important. It enables people to…

Community Energy Manager

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Scientists, Product Managers, Engineers
  • Members
  • Mark Corbin
  • Matt Wood
We are making a 'Community Energy Manager' to help community groups to more effectively broker funding and encourage take-up for energy-saving solutions for their members or beneficiaries, whether fuel-poor, aged, infirm, and/or environmentally-minded. The Community Energy Manager is a database and workflow engine which will provide these very different types of community groups with a common, secure, efficient way of managing their relationships with householders and also potentially…

Mapping Our Local Energy Economy

Project needs  Developers, Engineers
  • Members
  • Nick Chapman
Have you ever wondered where the electricity in your home or business comes from? Was it produced locally, or far away, and what journey did it take to reach you? Does this mean your community is meeting it own electricity needs through local generation, or are you reliant on importing power from elsewhere? If the latter is true, you might want to think about how your community could become more energy self-sufficient, so that money spent on energy stays within the local economy? These are just…

Community Juice - Enabling Community Low Carbon Projects

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Product Managers, Filmmakers, Engineers
  • Members
  • Graham Horne
The Community Juice tool aims to address the difficulties in delivering successful low carbon measures by providing a platform for businesses, community groups and individuals to collaborate on projects to reduce energy use and costs. The tool will focus on community buildings / schools in Bristol as a beacon to engage local people and will use existing open data to present a ‘shopping list’ of opportunities identified by qualified Energy Assessors. Uniquely, this will remove the initial costs…

Energy Schools

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Writers, Scientists, Engineers
  • Members
  • Jacky Bourgeois
  • Mathieu D'Aquin
  • Stefan Föll
  • Gerd Kortuem
The ENERGY SCHOOLS project looks at the way Open Data approaches can support the creation of education programmes on energy that engage students in novel ways. The idea is to create an educational package that will include not only course material and multimedia material, partly sourced from open educational resources, but also: - A simple, easy to install energy monitoring tool for the school and - Access to an online platform making it possible for students of the school to compare their results…

RenewNet Local – open source energy management

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Scientists, Engineers
  • Members
  • Steven Earl
Software to engage at local and community levels in energy use by enabling their capacity to manage it. RenewNet has its strength in engineering knowledge from six years of continuing, collaborative research across the top five Scottish universities. This has resulted in the development of an open source software evaluation system for the generation and management of energy systems. Specific technical lead in offshore marine generation, the software can link to the management of any network For…

Save energy: model your home

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Engineers
  • Members
  • Saraansh Dave
  • Bengt Cousins-Jenvey
What if you knew that people living in a similar property to your own use a lot less energy? Or worse – you spend more on your energy bill than a big family living in a draughty, uninsulated Georgian house in Clifton? You might want to do something about it. Imagine if the good news is that you can save a significant amount of energy and money by just modifying the way you use the technology that you already own? After all, everyone knows there are many barriers to retrofitting - not least the…

Perpetua Energy: A web site for energy

Project needs  Designers, Scientists, Engineers
  • Members
  • Damon Rand
  • Roger Hollies
Perpetua is an all-encompassing, interactive and intuitive online platform for energy users to identify solutions for their energy needs and feed their experiences back into the system. It covers all energy efficiency and renewable microgeneration measures relevant to individuals, communities and businesses. Key information is also displayed on the properties where the measures have been installed, the installer companies who have installed the measures, and the user experiences associated with…
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  • ABC Inc
  • Skills

    Retrofit Information and Pledge System

    Project needs  Designers, Product Managers
    • Members
    • Chris Preist
    • David Tudgey
    • Philip McMahon
    An application which will help people to understand their current energy consumption and the possible savings that could be made by undertaking an energy efficiency measure in their home. It will enable users to 'pledge' to undertake a measure and link them up with companies able to implement it. Each energy saving measure will have it's own page on the application, together with information such as expected payback period, likelihood of green deal funding and advertising space for…

    Renewable Energy Application Framework (REAF)

    Project needs  Scientists, Product Managers
    • Members
    • Jacopo Hirschstein
    • Cyril Caminade
    • Dave MacLeod
    • Dave Watson
    REAF project creates a set of tools and APIs for locating, integrating, linking, analytics, modeling and visualization of open data within an renewable energy application framework. REAF can provide an integrated toolset for planners, policy makers, business analysts, academic researchers and other users that seek to integrate, link, analyze, visualize and model diverse data sets. New applications and services can be developed through the REAF APIs. For the REAF application there is known demand…

    Undercurrent: Communal microgeneration for leaseholders via collective enfranchisement

    Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Musicians, Product Managers, Filmmakers, Engineers
    • Members
    • Jason Neylon
    • Rowena Parsons
    • Vicky Holland
    • Tim Cowlishaw
    A large proportion of people in Britain live in leasehold properties, which restricts their opportunities to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact, as many energy saving measures require the consent of the freeholder. Leaseholders also have a right to "collectively enfranchise", forcing a purchase of the freehold from their landlord. We envision using this right to help residents make energy saving improvements, and to create a network of resident-run property management…

    People's Power Station

    Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Scientists, Product Managers
    • Members
    • Jack Townsend
    • David Calver
    An interactive platform for community groups and other interested parties (eg Local Authorities); the People's Power Station ("PPS") uses open data to support and enable powering up (renewable energy generation) and powering down (energy demand reduction) at County, District and local level. Users can see progress against targets and see where their local initiatives contribute to this. This has already been partially built for Oxfordshire, as a project within the Low Carbon Hub CIC…

    Overcoming Sceptisism to Reduce Costs and Carbon for Small Businesses

    Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Musicians, Product Managers, Filmmakers, Engineers
    • Members
    • Taylor Energy
    • Mark Taylor
    Carbon reduction through energy and water efficiency. To overcome the barriers of cost and expertise, I've created a free cost saving bulk purchasing offer to wrap up the cost of installing energy efficiency with utility procurement. However the main barrier is engaging sceptical, busy, small business owners. The approach being promoted here is to excite existing business networks to promote to their membership, not to approach the individual businesses directly in the first instance. Cost…

    Energy solutions for schools

    Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Musicians, Product Managers, Filmmakers, Engineers
    • Members
    • Rosemary Willatt
    As Series Lead for the Energy and Environment Challenge we thought we should contribute an idea that all participants are welcome to use. We would be more than happy to discuss the idea with interested parties. From an energy perspective schools represent one of the most interesting communities to work with. Many schools have very high energy bills, either because they occupy buildings which are old and leaky or because they manage their buildings inefficiently. The result is that they could potentially…

    Energy Benchmarking for UK Householders

    Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Musicians, Product Managers, Filmmakers, Engineers
    • Members
    • Mike Simpson
    • Nicholas Katz
    We have build the web infrastructure to have a unique web page for every home in the UK. On the home dashboard that Locatable provides for free to users who are typically homeowners and renters, one of our first and most important tools is an energy benchmarking tool. The tool enables you to compare your home's performance against other people like you with homes like yours. Initially this will be against national and regional benchmarks from open data sets but as the Locatable network grows…