eBay API Developers Unite!!!

eBay API Developers Unite!!!

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2 Projects


Filemaker pro with Ebay API

Project needs  Developers, Designers
  • Members
  • Ray Burg
  • Soni Soni
Want to make and FileMaker Solution which can let User to manage the Listed Item, Modify Listed Item , Manage Listed Item Inventory and also provide chart for Sales Per month, Per week, Per day, Product Cost calculation on each listing & margin profit. This solution would be all in one for fast listing and managing eBay listing which would indirectly increase productivity of sellers. This solution would be for Sellers on eBay, this solution would grow the potential of listing items on eBay ,…

social project

Project needs  Developers
  • Members
  • Alex Korben
Based on the fact that the number of people and smartphones is growing, and with them and wireless technology, it makes sense to create a program for fast local information exchange. It gives fast and locally solve problemmy (communication, sale, exchange etc.) This is a unique project. Having great potential! I would want that the program was in every phone by default and I want to Use it every day.This software will facilitate mutual assistance and cooperation in this location that will positively…