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How our customers use CollabFinder Groups

Photos of Mayor Bloomberg, Cleanweb Hackers, and UC Berkeley Campus

New York City uses CollabFinder to help New Yorkers team up and build important new apps and and startups.

The Cleanweb Initiative uses CollabFinder to build a community of makers working on energy resilience projects.

UC Berkeley uses CollabFinder to help engineering, design, and business school students find cofounders for their projects.


Give your students a place on the web to connect and collaborate with each other on all kinds of projects. UC Berkeley, for example, uses CollabFinder to give their business, science, design and engineering students a place to share their innovative project ideas and team up on projects and startups across campus. It's a simple, fast, proven academic social network for your students and faculty.

Student Clubs and Groups

Looking to start a student club at your university? Want to give your existing group members a place to connect with one another, share project ideas, and team up on new projects? CollabFinder Groups are a simple, fast, and effective way to start a club or make your existing club more collaborative and social. Start clubs for music, engineering, science, startup, writing, design or anything else.

Techonolgy Companies

Do you have an API that you want geniuses and makers to build on? Give developers, designers and other people interested in building on top of your technology a community space to share their ideas and build teams. Make collaborating on projects based on your technlogy super fast and easy. It takes 60 seconds to set up - try it today!

Hackathons and Challenges

Great teams make great apps. Supercharge your hackathon by facilitating connections between your participants before, during or even after your event. CollabFinder has been proven to help hackathon and challenge participants build and launch bigger and better projects and startups.

Coworking Spaces

Two strangers walk into a coworking space. He can design, she can code. She likes cats, he likes Louis Armstrong (the hippest cat of all time). Before you know it, JassCats is the hottest tech startup in the US. Or - it isn’t. What if they never meet? Make sure JassCats happens - give your members a directory from the future so they can connect and share their project ideas with one another.

Cities and Government

Do you offer public data sets? Do you want to create an innovation community? Start a CollabFinder Group and give developers, designers and others interested in working on city-related projects a place to team up and build them together.

Web Communities and Meetups

Meetup and community members love to network. It's one of the most oft-cited reasons for joining a Meetup, for example. Give your members a much more engaging and productive networking tool by setting up a CollabFinder Group. Your members can connect and team up with one another based on their project ideas, social connections, skills, interests, work history and more. Your members will love your for it.


Are you looking to help start startups succeed around a specific thesis? Build a network of talented engineers, designers and entrepreneurs interested in your incubator or thesis a place to team up on new products and startups with CollabFinder. Great teams build great products and startups - be the incubator that builds a community of makers and teams you can incubate and invest in.


What if everyone in the world who cared about your mission had a place to share their project ideas, connect with one another, and team up to build new initiatives and solutions to important challenges related to your organization? CollabFinder is a fast, easy way to build a community and network of superheroes who want to work to solve important problems related to your mission.